Special Guests

The Cockettes

The Cockettes


our guest performers and their date of performance. 


PhaedraPhaded (10/12/15)

Phaedra Phaded chooses to identify herself as a Grecian Sex Puppet with a killer ass and a mug made of plastic. She's a queen from Boston, MA whose greatest aspirations in drag are to take off her clothes and make her audience happy. She sells sex on the face of the stage by mopping her meaty tuck across the floor. If 90's Pamela Anderson and Courtney Love had a three-way with a blowup sex doll and somehow made a child, Phaedra would be the unholy spawn. She's just the right amount of ditzy party girl, weird kid at school, and a refined glamourpuss. Fascination is elated to welcome her to the family at our party on Monday, October 12th. 





Complete Destruction (9/25/15)